View All Highland Homes and Condos for SaleIf you are thinking about buying a house or a condo in Louisville, KY and want something different, fun and unique consider the Highlands. 

Located in every city is a part of town where people are free to be themselves, where the arts are celebrated and peace is more than just a bumper sticker. In Louisville, Kentucky, that part of town is lovingly called the Highlands. Located just east of downtown the Highlands is a Mecca for those with a sense of whimsy, a love for things old and forgotten and perhaps just a bit out of the ordinary. No two days in the Highlands are the same. Whether enjoying a bike ride through Cherokee Park, enjoying a relaxing meal on the patio of one of the many local pubs and restaurants (One of our favorite places is Zaytun Mediterranean Grill) or just people watching as you stroll down Bardstown Road, the Highlands is guaranteed to entertain.

Highlands real estate is as eclectic as its people.  Consisting of sweet shotguns, renovated Victorians and modern condominiums, Highlands real estate can fit almost any budget and any need a person wanting to live in the center of Louisville culture may need. The prices for Real Estate in the Highlands can range from a bit under $100,000 to well over $1,000,000.

Although you may never had considered a home 'in town' before if you find yourself dreaming of the close community relationships of days gone by or the quiet lifestyle with everything you may need just a short walk away, the Highlands may be just the Louisville community you've been looking for!


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