Once a small town, not much more than a crossing of paths in rural Oldham county, Peewee Valley has blossomed into one of Metro Louisville's most cherished communities.  Despite its growth spurt over the last two decades Peewee Valley residents have worked diligently to maintain the natural beauty and serenity that characterizes the town.  Tree-lined streets with beautifully renovated homes welcome residents to this small town just minutes from the big city.

While new subdivisions definitely draw many city-dwellers looking for a slice of suburbia those interested in nostalgia and 'the good ole days' will be delighted to discover the nineteenth and early twentieth century homes, most already renovated and modernized.  Land is abundant in Peewee Valley and compared to other Louisville real estate the homes for sale here have much larger yards, perfect for playing, lounging or just enjoying the views.

Although Peewee Valley may be small, residents don't have to drive far to enjoy all the necessities and luxuries one gets accustomed to living in town.  Within a ten minute drive in any direction Peewee Valley residents have access to groceries, specialty shops, retail stores, and more restaurants than one can count..

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